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APIEU Honey & Milk Lip Scrub 8ml

APIEU Honey & Milk Lip Scrub 8ml

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This lip scrub gently removes stubborn dead skin cells with nourishing and moisturizing ingredients of honey and milk


1. Simply rub the lips in a gentle circular motion!

The lip scrub containing walnut shell granules gently removes stubborn dead skin cells from the lips.

2. Moisture UP with honey & milk protein extract!

Honey & milk extract makes the lips healthy and smooth by forming a moisture film over the lips.

3. Refresh your mood with a soft fragrance

The soft milky aroma refreshes your mood.

Honey Extract

Provides nourishment and shine to the lips

Milk protein extract

Provides moisture and elasticity to the lips

Vitamin E acetate

Protects the lips and the skin around the lips

Dispense an appropriate amount and gently apply on the lips in a circular motion,
and then wipe clean with a wet tissue or wash off with lukewarm water.


* If you rub the lips too hard, it may irritate the lips. Gently rolling is the key to using the lip scrub!

*After removing the lip scrub, apply honey & milk nourishing lip balm
or lip sleeping pack to have softer moisturized lips.

*During use, be careful not to let the scrub get into the mouth!


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