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Etude House

Etude House Contour Powder 10g

Etude House Contour Powder 10g

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Etude House Contour Powder 10g

For easy contour makeup for all!
A contour palette to effortlessly define the face like a selfie.


1. Gives Natural-looking Tan!

Etude's Contour Power VS Other Contours that are too dark

Shadowy color that looks like just a half-tone darker than your skin color


2. Perfect for defined bronzing!

Optimized design with 2 contour shades
Quick & easy application with no color-jumbles.

How to use:

1. Apply sunscreen and foundation as evenly as possible.
2. Sweep a little amount of matte powder along the face line.
to prevent clumping due to oiliness or foundation)
3. Gently apply adequate amount of contour powder.


For the Jawline:

Tips: To create a natural shadowy contour, apply in several layers
rather than applying a thick, intense contour layer at once.


For the Nose:

Tips: If your nose contour became patchy, use cushion foundation
to accentuate the bridge and give highlighting effect.


For the eyes:

Tips: You can create more defined under eye makeup
with smaller point brush instead of a normal sized eyeshadow brush.





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