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rom&nd Nu Zero Cushion 15g

rom&nd Nu Zero Cushion 15g

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rom&nd Nu Zero Cushion

Discover the perfect base for your makeup with rom&nd Nu Zero Cushion. This high coverage cushion foundation offers a flawless, smooth finish that mirrors the natural texture of your skin. With its long-wearing formula, it ensures that your base remains impeccable throughout the day, making it an ideal choice for daily wear.

Experience a radiant, semi-matte finish as fine powder particles seamlessly cover pores and blemishes, leaving your skin looking its best. Whether you're aiming for a radiant glow or a clear complexion, this cushion has got you covered.



  • Thinly layers on the skin, offering a natural appearance.
  • Expertly conceals textured skin and pores.
  • Delivers long-lasting wear and a silky skin expression.
  • Crafted with 45% finer powder particles for a perfect fit.
  • Upgraded cushion sponge for even and consistent application.



  • 01 Porcelain 17: Gorgeous ivory color with a drop of pinkish hue. Suitable for No.13-17 skin tone.
  • 02 Pure 21: Natural pinkish ivory color without any yellow hue. Suitable for No.19-21 skin tone.
  • 03 Natural 21: Neutral ivory color without yellow or reddish hues. Suitable for No.21-22 skin tone.
  • 04 Beige 23: Calm and natural beige color. Suitable for No.22-23 skin tone.


How to use

  1. Start by moisturizing your face.
  2. Push the puff into the cushion to gather the desired amount of product.
  3. Gently pat onto your face, dabbing lightly to blend for an even finish.


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