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SNP Halloasis Moisture Hill Mask 25ml

SNP Halloasis Moisture Hill Mask 25ml

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SNP Halloasis Moisture Hill Mask 25ml

Moisture recharging facial mask for dry skin

#Solution for dry skin #Moisture glow #Moisture locking


1. Watery formula mask, Real solution for dry skin

Moisture recharging mask that solves the thirst of skin with a moisturizing essence
that can always quench your thirst and gives your skin a natural moisture glow.


2. Strong water-locking mask that collects and completes with strength of cactus

Infused with ingredients from stem, flower, fruits of 'Opuntia Ficus-Indica Extract Complex'
that is a symbol of strong autogenic power to lock the moisture that supplied.


Opuntia Ficus-Indica Extract Complex
(Stem &Flower & Fruit)

A cactus of persistent vitality that grows by keeping moisture in rough nature.
Storage of Moisture & Moisture Magnetic

* Store moisture that fills dry skin thoroughly
* Strengthening skin condition by Amino acids and Flavonoid ingredients.
* Skin cycle control promotes the vitality of tired skin.



3. Natural-derived sheet mask

Dense and mild 100% natural-derived sheet is skin friendly type of formula
that helps to fully deliver moisture supplying ingredients into dry skin.




1. After cleaning, use toner to tidy up your skin.
2. Apply the mask to the face evenly, centering around the eyes and the mouth.
3. Leave on 10-20mins, and peel the mask from the face.
4. Pat gently any remaining essence into the skin.


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